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The Project Café – Glasgow

Posted on 13/02/2017 by Amy Byrne under Cheap Tips, Eat Out
Cheap Tips, Eat Out

Glasgow’s Project Café, located a minute walk from the famous Glasgow School of Art, describes its menu as ‘small but mighty’, with a distinctly art school feel, the café is a welcome haven from the busy city.

With vegan and vegetarian food, The Project Café serves a various menu of wholesome meals that change regularly. There are glass jugs of water and cups placed by the door for anyone to hydrate themselves, aiding to the community spirit atmosphere of this little city centre café.

For my lunch at The Project Café I chose:

As it was pay day for me I opted for two plates to treat myself, but for anyone looking for a light lunch any one of these two dishes would do for a lunch time fill-up.

The soup was thick and rich, with a dense consistency. It was the perfect choice for a cold day like the day we visited. The spice provided an Indian curry flavour while the lentils gave the soup its thick texture and the red pepper its sweetness. The generous portion and the huge slice of seeded bread served along-side made it a hearty and soulful soup.


The fantastic soup

The warmed broccoli and blue cheese pastry was full of flavour. The crunch of the cooked broccoli blended well with the strong creamy cheese. The blue cheese taste was very understated, I believe even those who dislike the cheese would enjoy the pastry. The leafy green salad was served with a light mustard dressing. Usually I don’t like mustard as it’s too strong for me, but the dressing had just the right amount of strength that it went perfectly alongside the pastry.

The Project café is a great place to go for a relaxing meal. The café also serves hot drinks and a selection of delicious looking cakes.

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