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Quick Review – La Sandwicherie, Glasgow

Posted on 13/02/2017 by Amy Byrne under Cheap Tips, Eat Out, Health Tips
Cheap Tips, Eat Out, Health Tips

I must confess my deep-rooted hatred of sandwich chain Subway. This stems from a revolting viral video from a few years back showing a staff member stuffing lettuce up his nose then snorting it back into the salad bar. This, along with the synthetic taste of their bread and the same disgusting smell all their chains have, means I have to look further to find a fresh sandwich.

Family run sandwich shop La Sandwicherie on Port Dundas road, located only a two minute walk from Sauchiehall Street, is my savoury saviour.


Located on Port Dundas Road.

Providing fresh baguettes, rolls, paninis, soup and hot meals such as cooked meats and pastas, La Sandwicherie is a friendly and small city centre gem.

The shop provides a huge variety of fillings and friendly service. The staff are happy to go the extra mile to make sure you have an experience to remember.

The shop is always busy and is a popular lunch time spot for the businesses surrounding it.

My personal favourite is a baguette with brie, cranberry sauce and cooked bacon.

Support local businesses and head to La Sandwicherie for a lunch with love.

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