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Miller and Carter Steakhouse – Glasgow

Posted on 16/02/2017 by Amy Byrne under Eat Out, Fine Dining
Eat Out, Fine Dining

Interior of Miller and Carter

Miller and Carter Steak house is true, unadulterated decadence. Everything about the place screams romance and fun, which is why my boyfriend and I chose it as our Valentine’s spot this year.

In the weeks leading up to our reservation – which I was advised to make far in advance because of the restaurants popularity – the PDF menu was never far down on my search history. I was incredibly excited as the reputation of Miller and Carter proceeded it exceptionally.

On the menu for me was…

12oz Ribeye steak with mushroom and black garlic sauce and a stilton and blue cheese lettuce wedge, with fries, and a side of lobster mac and cheese. I went all out.

My boyfriend chose…

Mushroom and black truffle tagliatelle with a side of mushrooms in a cheddar and truffle sauce.



As expected, the steak was cooked perfectly. I asked for a medium cook and got a tender, juicy, and delicious bit of meat. The garlic and mushroom sauce was rich, creamy and full of flavour. The garlic was not over-powering like it could have been. The fries were crispy, fluffy and plentiful. Lobster mac and cheese was a new one to me, but the understated but flavoursome lobster was delicious within the strong and cheesy sauce.

My boyfriend kindly let me try his pasta and it was truly delicious. With him being vegetarian there was a worry the veggie dishes on offer would not be paid as much attention as the meaty dishes, but he ensured me the dish was fantastic.


I opted for the tasting plate. This came with a variety of their desserts in smaller portions. The plate contained…

Spectacular. That’s the word for this dessert plate. My sweet tooth experienced orgasm. Everything on the plate tasted incredible and looked beautiful.

Miller and Carter made for a fantastic romantic evening out filled with great food, drinks, and exceptional service.

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