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Mezze – Glasgow

Posted on 28/03/2017 by Amy Byrne under Eat Out, Fine Dining
Eat Out, Fine Dining


Mezze is one of Glasgow’s most talked about and anticipated restaurants. The excitement has been growing, and now with their launch over and the roof-top bar and eatery a fully-fledged member of the amazing Glasgow food scene, I want to reflect back a few weeks on the incredible grand-opening/bloggers night that I was so lucky enough to attend.

Mediterranean tapas is the speciality of Mezze. They are boasting one of the most beautiful locations in Glasgow – the top floor of the Finnieston Rotunda building. With beautiful Clyde-side views and stunning interior, Mezze had everything going for it from the get-go.

Let’s talk food…

Greek & Turkish dip samplers – I enjoyed the dips so much that I forgot to take note of their names (oops) but served with warm and soft pitta slices, they were full of flavour and a fantastic start to the delicious meal that was to come.

Chicken Souvlaki – Smokey and chargrilled skewers of juicy and tender chicken, with a noticeable citrus taste and brought out the fabulously smokey flavours. Great value as well, with sizeable pieces of a classic Greece food.

Seafood Saganaki – This feta and tomato seafood stew was my highlight of the meal. Fresh mussels, prawns and squid along with a sweet and creamy tomato sauce with crumbled feta cheese had a mouth-watering flavour. I wanted more. This dish deserves the highest praise.

Greek Potato Salad – Simple dish, but a great and light accompaniment to the other rich and hot dishes Mezze serve. Well-seasoned and tasty, I would choose this salad again. Bonus – they taste great dipped in the sauce from the seafood saganaki.

Baked Feta in Oil – Mezze is the place to be if you’re a big fan of feta cheese (which I am so I was like a kid in a candy shop) This tapas dish did what is says on the tin as the saying goes. Warm creamy feta seasoned and served with asparagus. Soft, not overly salty, and brilliant with the warm pitta bread.

Courgette and Feta Fritter – Although I’m not a huge fan of courgette, I did enjoy a fritter. The feta definitely made it tasty. The crispy outer shell gave the whole thing a hearty crunch.



The food was outstanding, incredible crafted and served beautifully. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be back.

Mezze is in my top two most romantic restaurants in Glasgow. (For the other see my Atlantic post) The view, the beautiful interior and stary ceiling make it the perfect date material.

The staff were all incredible and attentive. Special thanks to the lovely barman, Michael, who was staffing the beer tasting at the launch evening. He was a delight to chat to, and a very friendly, knowledgeable and all round cool guy.


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