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Meat Me Half Way: Vegetarianism and its perks

Posted on 13/02/2017 by Amy Byrne under Cheap Tips, Health Tips
Cheap Tips, Health Tips

The thing about going out with a vegetarian is that you inevitably understand the appeal of it. Meat is expensive. In terms of student budgets it’s probably the food that costs the most on the weekly shop. Meat also causes serious blockage problems when plates with stray chicken bits are inevitably left in the kitchen sink for days on end – student living at its finest.

Fast food meats (if you could really call it meat) are a bottomless pit for throwing cash. Craving a double bacon and cheese burger is great if you’re not the one who actually has to pay for it.

Vegetarianism doesn’t appeal to everyone though- giving up that Friday night chicken tikka after a long week would definitely be difficult. But why not substitute that artery-filling, red gloop for some appetising ‘Fakon’ (fake bacon)?


They may look like insoles but don’t worry, they taste slightly better.

Let’s face it, meat substitutes aren’t that great. In fact I would go as far as to say that certain fake-meat products taste and feel like what I would imagine munching on a Doc Martin to be like. Then there’s the fake chicken pieces that taste like you’re eating a poultry flavoured sponge.

Despite my previous accusations, I am an advocate for the veggie diet. The Vegetarian Society believe there to be between three and four million vegetarians in the UK. The health and wallet benefits are humongous. Missing meat out of the shop will save a fortune for student shoppers. Not to mention vegetarians have lower rates of high cholesterol, cardiac problems and certain cancers – including breast, ovarian, and bowel. The obesity rate in vegetarians is much lower than that of meat eaters as well.

“But what do they actually eat?” I hear you ask. When many people think of vegetarians the first thing that comes to mind is a plate full of plain old veg. In fact the reality can be much more interesting. There’s no denying that vegetables are the main component of the veggie diet, however the opportunity for tasty and affordable meals are endless. From curries to casseroles, the veggie diet can be just as diverse and tasty as that of meat eaters for half the price.

Here are a few of the best rated vegetarian recipe sites:

Happy Eating!

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