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Mad Chef’s Vegan V mac Burger

Posted on 25/07/2017 by Amy Byrne under Cheap Tips, Eat Out, Health Tips
Cheap Tips, Eat Out, Health Tips

The V Mac

I was lucky enough to get tickets for the Mad Chef’s F**k ME I’M VEGAN event with support from Sgaia Vegan Meats and Vegan Connections,¬†where he unveiled the vegan V Mac burger. Sorta like a big mac from McDonald’s but, you know, vegan. While I’m not vegan, you all know if there’s something exciting happening in food I want to be part of it.

Luckily the event was happening only a few minutes from my flat at the Kinning Park Complex. Bingo. They served booze. Bingo #2. And there were some great DJs. Bingo #3.

The Burger

Made completely of vegan products, the V Mac is the brainchild of Glasgow’s Mad Chef. Made famous for being head chef at popular Glasgow bar and restaurant, Bloc+, the Mad Chef has been featured in Munchies by Vice and The List’s Eating and Drinking guide.

The V Mac was brilliant. Made using Sgaia vegan meat patties, vegan cheese, sesame seed buns, vegan burger sauce, lettuce and pickles, the burger was huge. All the elements made the burger delicious and surprisingly filling. The tasty patties had the same consistency as beef patties giving the burger the juicy and thick bite it needed, and the burger sauce gave it the finger-licking (and messy) satisfaction. The melted vegan cheese gave a creamy sharpness that can be hard to achieve with other vegan burgers.

The Mad Chef

I would take one of these over a Big Mac any day of the week. We also got the added bonus of knowing the V Mac’s were fresh and the Mad Chef literally made every one from scratch in front of our eyes. A great show and a great burger.

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