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Khublai Khans – Glasgow

Posted on 13/02/2017 by Amy Byrne under Cheap Tips, Eat Out
Cheap Tips, Eat Out

Marcel Boulestin, the host of BBC’s first ever cooking show, once said: “Cookery is not chemistry. It is an art. It requires instinct and taste rather than exact measurements.”

This principle looks to be the founding pillar of Mongolian restaurant, Khublai Khans, in the heart of Glasgow’s merchant city. The restaurant is based around the eating habits of the brave Mongolian warriors, which is mirrored throughout their décor.

While this restaurant conjures visions of battles and war, it is also an incredibly fun and creative experience. At Khublai Khans you create your own dinner. You choose your base, your meat, your herbs and spices, your marinade and the lovely chefs cook your creation for you on a giant flat barbeque in front of your eyes, it’s a spectacle.

Before you read on, these are some of my creations:

plate 1 plate 2

The Base

Here, you have a choice of rice, thick udon noodles or thin rice noodles. You can also pick what veg you’d like too from their vast selection. Don’t overfill or you’ll leave yourself too full to head back and create another. The menu has a few different options, but I would recommend the ‘BBQ Only’, this gives you unlimited trips to the buffet area, meaning you can concoct as many different meals as you like.



The Meat

The amount of options they have here will leave any meat lover weak at the knees. There’s the normal selection of steak, chicken, pork, turkey and lamb, but there is also zebra, kangaroo, rabbit, and wild boar. They also have a great selection of seafood, including prawns, squid, octopus and haddock.



The Herbs and Spices

With around 20 different herbs and spices you can give your meal a real kick. Some options include garlic, paprika, rosemary, coconut, and ginger. Go wild.



The Marinade

You can let your creativity flow with the vast array of sauces. Make your meal light and fruity with the addition of mango sauce or rich and hot with some Thai green curry. These are only two options to choose from, there are plenty more to suit all taste buds. Being creative with the marinades, herbs and spices can get you a fantastic dish that’ll get you plenty of insta likes.


Khublai Khans is a fantastically fun night out with lovely staff and an ingenious dinning idea that was delicious while being great fun. While a dinner meal for two can set you back upwards of £40, it is definitely worth the money.

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