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kama Sutra – Not that one

Posted on 14/02/2017 by Amy Byrne under Cheap Tips, Eat Out
Cheap Tips, Eat Out

If anyone’s in Glasgow I recommend trying out Kama Sutra – its fulfilling, relaxing and will leave you satisfied all night long. It will make you yearn for more but wonder whether you could handle it. I am of course talking about the fantastic Indian restaurant on Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow’s city centre.


With provocative pictures and themes it’s not for the more innocent of you out there, but for those who think they can take it you will have a very pleasurable experience. The atmosphere is what you first encounter as you walk into the restaurant. The lowered lighting, sensual music and intriguing décor give an exclusive and romantic feel, perfect for couples or soon-to-be couples. The restaurant is not exclusively designed for couples though, the atmosphere suits friends or even those who want to spend some time with themselves- after all we all know sometimes its better by yourself.

The restaurant is so much more than a quick giggle as you walk along Sauchiehall Street. The food will penetrate all your senses and will leave your mouth dripping with excitement. If you wish to spice up your evening I recommend trying the lamb Balti. The lamb was tender and basically melted in the mouth, it was cooked to perfection. It tasted amazing too, unlike much takeaway lamb that takes about 20 minutes to chew through. If you’re not a fan of lamb all meat dishes come with a choice of meats. The Balti sauce was also perfectly made with a thick, spicy sauce that will leave an explosion of taste on the tongue. Because I am unadventurous eater when it comes to Indian food, I opted for a side of chips. I mean, it’s hard to get chips wrong so obviously they were great. But there is a whole other array of sides to choose from that all sounded equally as lovely and adventurous. As a started I decided to try the Poori. This is deep fried bread filled with spicily seasoned meat or vegetables dripped with a tasty sauce and then folded over. I chose chicken out of the choice of chicken, prawns or chickpeas to have mine stuffed with, I can say for certain that it was professionally stuffed. It was a rich and filling starter and thoroughly prepared me for what was coming next.

Chicken and Chickpea Purri.

Chicken and Chickpea Poori.

The whole meal filled me to my very core. After visiting Kama Sutra I recommend a gentle stroll home, as well as it being a romantic way to end the evening, it allows time for the food to settle ready for whatever other activities you wish you partake in for the rest of the evening.

Lamb Balti.

Lamb Balti.

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