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Halloumi – Glasgow

Posted on 13/02/2017 by Amy Byrne under Eat Out
Eat Out

It’s not often I get excited for a restaurant before its even opened yet, but the minute I saw the big blue ‘Coming Soon’ banners for Halloumi – a Greek tapas restaurant – I instantly knew that I would have to go when it opened. The reason I was full with excitement about this new restaurant is because I absolutely adore halloumi cheese, and I adore Greek cuisine so, really, it was a match made in my heaven.

Luckily enough, I had the opportunity to go on Halloumi’s grand opening night. Unfortunately there were a few teething problems that put a slight dampener on the evening: drinks orders being forgotten, dishes being forgotten and then being served slightly cooler, the DJ playing the music slightly too loud for comfortable chat. But – and this is a big Greek but – the dishes very tasty, well thought-out, and authentic.

Dish 1

Warm pitta bread with a selection of delicious hummus and dips. What a great start to the meal. The hummus were thick and flavourful and the pitta was deliciously warm and soft.


Dish 2

Lamb meatballs in a traditional Greek sauce. The meat balls themselves were rich and mouth-watering. The sauce tasted a lot like ordinary tomato, but it was still nice.


Dish 3

Spanakopita – this is filo pastry with feta cheese and spinach. I love spanakopita and I would say this is the nicest I’ve ever had. All the flavours and textures were on point.


Dish 4

Watermelon and cold halloumi slices. I admit it took me a while to really get into this. I’d only ever had hot halloumi. But this mix was actually refreshingly nice. The salty cheese works surprisingly well with the sweet juices of the watermelon.

halloumi watermelon

Dish 5

Greek Chicken Skewers. These were my meal highlight of this evening. Succulent, tender, and beautifully chargrilled with herbs and spices, the chicken was a show stopper.


Dish 6

Greek deep fried donuts. These were sensational, crispy on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside, these donuts were a real treat for my extremely sweet tooth.



Despite the issues with the service on the night – which I think was down to opening night nerves – I believe Halloumi is definitely a place that’s going to do great things in Glasgow.

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