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Cafe Andaluz

Posted on 29/01/2017 by Amy Byrne under Eat Out, Review
Eat Out, Review

This beautiful little eatery in Glasgow’s West End is authentically Spanish and elegant. Tucked away on Cresswell Lane, opposite the famous Ashton Lane, Café Andaluz and is understated authentic tapas and Mediterranean restaurant.

Café Andaluz has a wide and varied menu of both tapas and sharing paella dishes. With their fantastic weekday deal of 3 tapas and adessert for £14.95 per person, it was the perfect opportunity for me to try as much as the menu as possible without breaking the (already very broken) bank account.

I obviously examined the menu before I went to Café Andaluz, so I chose:

Cafe Andaluz Image

Ensalada Marroqui – Sweet potato, parsnip and chickpeas, mixed with parsley and coriander, and tomato dressing.

Queso De Cabra Al Horno – Grilled goats cheese topped with orange and chili marmalade.

Vieiras Con Serrano – King scallops served on basil and creamed leaks with crisp Serrano ham.

And for dessert…

Churros – Crisp, soft fried dough pastry, topped with sugar and cinnamon, served with a hot chocolate dipping sauce.

Everything about this meal was top class. The sweet potato dish was a delicious creation with great warm Autumny flavours mixed with hot Spanish spice. The king scallops were phenomenal, the smokey ham complemented the sweet creamed leaks sauce, and soft and salty scallops were juicy and fantastic. The topped goat’s cheese was a weird yet wonderful thing. The orange marmalade made the dish almost a dessert, but the strong goat’s cheese took it to a weird but tasty level.

The churros – although a little bit light – were so sweet and flavoursome. The chocolate sauce was rich and beautiful. Overall, it was a very good dessert.

Café Andaluz is a fantastic Glasgow restaurant, with a relaxing atmosphere and deliciously fun food.

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