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A Lidl Help For My Friends

Posted on 13/02/2017 by Amy Byrne under Cheap Tips
Cheap Tips

Everyone knows the stigma attached to low price supermarkets like Lidl and Aldi. We’ve all seen (and admittedly laughed) at this video.

However, as funny as this video may be, Lidl and Aldi are slowly overtaking the 4 supermarket giants.  With prices high and wages low across all sectors, these shops have established a whole new market of middle and upper class shoppers willing to buy their low priced goods. These supermarkets have responded well to the change and diversified with great ease. They now offer a range of products catered to their new market, for example exotic breaded cheeses, quality steaks, and more flavours of humus then you can shake a low-fat pitta at. With the low prices, these premium products are now accessible to those who previously may have found them too expensive. I’m a firm believer that everyone should have access to new and exciting foods regardless of income. Also, inspiring a whole generation of new chefs and healthy eaters is never a bad thing in today’s heavier society.

These shops are also a godsend for students. I know well of the temptation to quickly pop to the Sainsbury’s Local for ‘a few things’. No. Stop. Your bank balance will thank you. Lidl and Aldi can provide you with all you need healthily and cheaply (or just cheaply in some cases-we are students after all.) The food is fantastic quality and the housing products are too. After all, where else can you grab some frozen chicken and then pop to the next isle and grab a waffle press for practically the same price?

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