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Hanoi Bike Shop – Glasgow

Posted on 14/02/2017 by Amy Byrne under Eat Out
Eat Out

The West End of Glasgow has become famous for being – to put it nicely – a bit posh. Unsurprisingly this reputation originates from Glasgow University which is situated in this area. Due to the large population of students this area of Glasgow, in particular Byres Road, has developed an edgy and bohemian vibe.

Don’t get me wrong, the West End is a great place, a place that is soon to be my home so I’m not knocking its reputation. The best thing about this area of Glasgow is undoubtedly its restaurants and cafes. The West End, in my opinion, is unbeatably the best place to eat in Glasgow. One reason for this is the fantastic Hanoi Bike Shop.

Situated at 8 Ruthven Lane, Hanoi Bike Shop is hidden down an unsuspecting site street off Byres Road and boasts some of the best Vietnamese food you will ever taste.  Many of their delicious dishes are served as small plates meaning the diner has the opportunity to sample a wide variety of the tastes they have on offer. With a selection of meats, fish, vegetables, and their fantastic home-made tofu the food is designed to cater to all types of eater. Most small plates arrive on a bed of fresh salad, but not your run-of-the-mill lettuce, tomato and cucumber mix, all salads are freshly prepared with herbs and spices, all are different for each plate, and all complement the plate with perfect precision.

Interior Décor and dining area. Photo Courtesy Hanoi Bike Shop.

On the menu it is recommended that you order 3-4 small plates between 2 people with a couple of sides. We went for:


with gem lettuce, mixed herbs & nuoc chay


with crispy shallots, birdseye chilli, spring onions & ginger tamari dip


with pickled mushroom & crispy shallots


with pickled bamboo shoots & lime mayo

For our sides we chose:


Prawn Crackers with delicious peanut and chilli dip.

Prawn Crackers with delicious peanut and chilli dip.

My chopstick skills were a bit rusty (by that I mean basically non-existent to the point where I had to ask for cutlery) but they gave the whole experience an authentic Indochinese feel. The meal was – to date – one of the nicest, freshest, most delectably diverse meals I’ve ever had the pleasure of dining on. The peanut and chilli dip has one of the highlights of the meal, with the thick creamy and nutty taste and texture blending perfectly with the herbs and spiciness of the plates.

Hanoi Bike Shop boasts a quirky indoor and outdoor décor with the style being that of a bicycle repair shop with bike paraphernalia decorating the yellow walls, with dark wood features, tables and chairs creating a cosy and homely feel, all adding to the wonderful dining experience.


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