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Don’t Byrne It Exclusive Offer on the Glasgow Eat and Drink Festival!

Posted on 11/05/2018 by Amy Byrne under Uncategorized
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The Eat and Drink Festival will be in Glasgow from May 31st – June 3rd. The festival will offer live demonstrations, talks by big-name chefs, and most importantly food! Ticket holders can get their teeth around plenty of traditional and contemporary dishes while listening to live musicians, and sipping on some fine artisanal drinks.



The Offer

Using the code BLOG241, Don’t Byrne It readers can buy 2 tickets for only £16!!! Go to this link here to buy your tickets to this fantastic foodie extravaganza!

The BBC Good Food Show is Back in Glasgow!

Posted on 17/11/2017 by Amy Byrne under Uncategorized
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The BBC Good Food show is back in Glasgow showing off a plethora of delicious goodies to ticket holders. The show is taking place at SECC in Finnieston and will be running for three days.

As well as a huge selection of drinks, food stalls, and retailers, the show hosts a few charity stalls that use the event as a platform to advertise the work they do and raise money.

There are both local, national, and international stalls at the show allowing ticket holders to sample snacks from all over the globe.

Masterchef star, John Torode, was in attendance at the show to give eager fans a quick cooking demonstration and to promote his new book.

John Torode – MasterChef Judge

Mad Chef’s Vegan V mac Burger

Posted on 25/07/2017 by Amy Byrne under Cheap Tips, Eat Out, Health Tips
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The V Mac

I was lucky enough to get tickets for the Mad Chef’s F**k ME I’M VEGAN event with support from Sgaia Vegan Meats and Vegan Connections, where he unveiled the vegan V Mac burger. Sorta like a big mac from McDonald’s but, you know, vegan. While I’m not vegan, you all know if there’s something exciting happening in food I want to be part of it.

Luckily the event was happening only a few minutes from my flat at the Kinning Park Complex. Bingo. They served booze. Bingo #2. And there were some great DJs. Bingo #3.

The Burger

Made completely of vegan products, the V Mac is the brainchild of Glasgow’s Mad Chef. Made famous for being head chef at popular Glasgow bar and restaurant, Bloc+, the Mad Chef has been featured in Munchies by Vice and The List’s Eating and Drinking guide.

The V Mac was brilliant. Made using Sgaia vegan meat patties, vegan cheese, sesame seed buns, vegan burger sauce, lettuce and pickles, the burger was huge. All the elements made the burger delicious and surprisingly filling. The tasty patties had the same consistency as beef patties giving the burger the juicy and thick bite it needed, and the burger sauce gave it the finger-licking (and messy) satisfaction. The melted vegan cheese gave a creamy sharpness that can be hard to achieve with other vegan burgers.

The Mad Chef

I would take one of these over a Big Mac any day of the week. We also got the added bonus of knowing the V Mac’s were fresh and the Mad Chef literally made every one from scratch in front of our eyes. A great show and a great burger.

Mezze – Glasgow

Posted on 28/03/2017 by Amy Byrne under Eat Out, Fine Dining
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Mezze is one of Glasgow’s most talked about and anticipated restaurants. The excitement has been growing, and now with their launch over and the roof-top bar and eatery a fully-fledged member of the amazing Glasgow food scene, I want to reflect back a few weeks on the incredible grand-opening/bloggers night that I was so lucky enough to attend.

Mediterranean tapas is the speciality of Mezze. They are boasting one of the most beautiful locations in Glasgow – the top floor of the Finnieston Rotunda building. With beautiful Clyde-side views and stunning interior, Mezze had everything going for it from the get-go.

Let’s talk food…

Greek & Turkish dip samplers – I enjoyed the dips so much that I forgot to take note of their names (oops) but served with warm and soft pitta slices, they were full of flavour and a fantastic start to the delicious meal that was to come.

Chicken Souvlaki – Smokey and chargrilled skewers of juicy and tender chicken, with a noticeable citrus taste and brought out the fabulously smokey flavours. Great value as well, with sizeable pieces of a classic Greece food.

Seafood Saganaki – This feta and tomato seafood stew was my highlight of the meal. Fresh mussels, prawns and squid along with a sweet and creamy tomato sauce with crumbled feta cheese had a mouth-watering flavour. I wanted more. This dish deserves the highest praise.

Greek Potato Salad – Simple dish, but a great and light accompaniment to the other rich and hot dishes Mezze serve. Well-seasoned and tasty, I would choose this salad again. Bonus – they taste great dipped in the sauce from the seafood saganaki.

Baked Feta in Oil – Mezze is the place to be if you’re a big fan of feta cheese (which I am so I was like a kid in a candy shop) This tapas dish did what is says on the tin as the saying goes. Warm creamy feta seasoned and served with asparagus. Soft, not overly salty, and brilliant with the warm pitta bread.

Courgette and Feta Fritter – Although I’m not a huge fan of courgette, I did enjoy a fritter. The feta definitely made it tasty. The crispy outer shell gave the whole thing a hearty crunch.



The food was outstanding, incredible crafted and served beautifully. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be back.

Mezze is in my top two most romantic restaurants in Glasgow. (For the other see my Atlantic post) The view, the beautiful interior and stary ceiling make it the perfect date material.

The staff were all incredible and attentive. Special thanks to the lovely barman, Michael, who was staffing the beer tasting at the launch evening. He was a delight to chat to, and a very friendly, knowledgeable and all round cool guy.


Island Slice – Caribbean Rum Fusions Review

Posted on 28/02/2017 by Amy Byrne under Cheap Tips, Eat Out, Review
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If you know me, you know I love fruity cocktails. I recently had the totally fun pleasure of tasting some samples from drinks company Island Slice.

They specialise in Caribbean rum fusions – which is as good as it sounds.

I received 3 bottles and did not waste any time getting them opened and poured into a tall glace with ice – which is the recommended way to serve the delicious drink.

I’ve never been to the Caribbean, but I felt that little bit closer to warm sun and soft sand while sipping on the tasty bottled cocktail.

Filled with fruit, spices, and, of course, RUM, Island Slice is a refreshing and fun tropical masterpiece.

Each bottle is 11%, so do not make the mistake of drinking the whole thing in 10 seconds just because it tastes amazing – yes, I did learn that from experience.

I will say that I am not a huge rum fan, but Island Slice won me over with their fruity freshness and genuinely great tasting concoction.

You can buy Island Slice through their website, and by travelling to see them at one of the many festival and food events they attend.

Miller and Carter Steakhouse – Glasgow

Posted on 16/02/2017 by Amy Byrne under Eat Out, Fine Dining
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Interior of Miller and Carter

Miller and Carter Steak house is true, unadulterated decadence. Everything about the place screams romance and fun, which is why my boyfriend and I chose it as our Valentine’s spot this year.

In the weeks leading up to our reservation – which I was advised to make far in advance because of the restaurants popularity – the PDF menu was never far down on my search history. I was incredibly excited as the reputation of Miller and Carter proceeded it exceptionally.

On the menu for me was…

12oz Ribeye steak with mushroom and black garlic sauce and a stilton and blue cheese lettuce wedge, with fries, and a side of lobster mac and cheese. I went all out.

My boyfriend chose…

Mushroom and black truffle tagliatelle with a side of mushrooms in a cheddar and truffle sauce.



As expected, the steak was cooked perfectly. I asked for a medium cook and got a tender, juicy, and delicious bit of meat. The garlic and mushroom sauce was rich, creamy and full of flavour. The garlic was not over-powering like it could have been. The fries were crispy, fluffy and plentiful. Lobster mac and cheese was a new one to me, but the understated but flavoursome lobster was delicious within the strong and cheesy sauce.

My boyfriend kindly let me try his pasta and it was truly delicious. With him being vegetarian there was a worry the veggie dishes on offer would not be paid as much attention as the meaty dishes, but he ensured me the dish was fantastic.


I opted for the tasting plate. This came with a variety of their desserts in smaller portions. The plate contained…

  • Warm chocolate brownie
  • Crème brulee
  • Passion fruit tarte
  • Vanilla bean ice cream
  • Chocolate cookies

Spectacular. That’s the word for this dessert plate. My sweet tooth experienced orgasm. Everything on the plate tasted incredible and looked beautiful.

Miller and Carter made for a fantastic romantic evening out filled with great food, drinks, and exceptional service.

Atlantic Bar and Brasserie – Glasgow

Posted on 14/02/2017 by Amy Byrne under Eat Out, Fine Dining
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snails better

I honestly never thought I’d find myself day-dreaming over the exquisite taste and texture of L’escagot (snails) but here I am – in my post dinner glow – wishing I could have another plate.

Atlantic Bar and Brasserie, located a short walk from George Square, is in a tier of its own when it comes to fine French dining. I had been invited to an evening of blogging and tasting, and after reading the menu online I was incredibly excited to experience their food.

The restaurant was beautiful, with a modern stance on the classic fine dining décor, the feeling was that of relaxed eloquence.

I had never tried snails before but they were a fantastically fun start to the meal. Cooked with garlic, parsley and a touch of white wine, they had a deliciously understated taste. Even my vegetarian boyfriend, who joined me on the evening, said they were delicious.

To start I had the gently seared Scottish scallops, with apple sauce, black pudding, and sauce vierge.  The scallops were phenomenal.  Soft and full of taste, they left my mouth watering for more. The full-bodied taste of the black pudding, and sweet apply sauce complemented the scallops tremendously. It was an inspired Scottish twist on a French favourite.



I chose the slow braised beef casserole with Burgundy red wine, smoked pancetta, sautéed pearl onions, and button mushrooms topped with courgette, swede and creamy mash as my main.  That’s quite a mouth full – in every aspect.  This is a dish fit for a king. The beef was melt-in-the-mouth delicious. The sauce was thick, rich and bursting with flavour and life. I’m always apprehensive of restaurant mashed potato because I’ve rarely experienced places that can make them creamy enough, and not rubbery on the outside. But, the mash at Atlantic was light and creamy while still being thick enough to mix with the casserole gravy without turning into a watery mess. This main was a treat for my taste buds.



In my opinion a dessert isn’t a proper dessert if there’s no chocolate. So, for my final dish I chose the baked dark chocolate cheesecake on an almond crisp base with caramelised orange slices.  One word. Unreal. The thick chocolate top was dark and rich with the perfect amount of sweetness to create a godly dessert. Godly.


Cheese Cake

Food Highlight

My meal highlight was definitely the scallop starter. I wish the dish never had to end and the black pudding was a delight.

Drink Highlight

Having been able to sample the fabulous cocktails at Atlantic, my personal favourite was a tie between two . I couldn’t decide between the divine Atlantic Margarita – topped with strawberry whip- and the exquisite Strawberry and Rosemary Mojito. Both taste amazing and are a lot of fun.

Special Mention

My special mention goes to the vegetarian starter, which I did not order but did try. It was a half chargrilled globe artichoke served with a warm pommery mustard vinaigrette. This was the starter my boyfriend chose and he assures me it’s unlike anything he’s ever tried. Fresh and tasty, this dish is a great choice.


I’d like to extend a huge thank you and well done to the amazing staff at Atlantic Bar and Brasserie. The evening was fantastic and the waiting staff were on point.  Fantastique!



 It’s Don’t Byrne it herself! Cheers!

Choco-Latte – Edinburgh

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Everyone deserves to treat themselves. I choose to treat myself with sweet and chocolaty treats. I have a very sweet tooth – and the waistline to prove it. My craving for sweet things border lines on addiction but then what teenager’s doesn’t? Walking along the Royal Mile in Edinburgh every second shop will sell sweet and sugary shortbread in an effort to pander to tourists, but if you’re willing to stray a mere ten minutes away from the mile you will find something really special. At 39 South Clerk Street Edinburgh is Choco-Latte. A wondrous sweet treat shop that sells a plethora of marvellous goodies that will make the staunchest of sweet-haters foam at the mouth. The whole shop feels like the scene from Charlie and Chocolate Factory when they enter the vibrant edible room. With rows upon rows of gorgeous and delicious cakes in their main glass cabinet, juicy lollies hanging from the ceiling making you feel like you’re at a fun fair and bright pink shelves full of mouth-watering  sweets and chocolates, this place is my definition of heaven.

This delightful little shop sells all sweets imaginable.

This delightful little shop sells all sweets imaginable.

All cakes and muffins at Choco-Latte are home-made by their team of lovely staff who are more than happy to chat about their scrumptious creations. I think temptation would overcome me if I was employed there and I would probably eat more than I sold.

Mouth-watering display of cakes.

Mouth-watering display of cakes.

I decided to buy a Malteser Slice. With a flapjack-like base, thick layer of creamy chocolate, topped with two crunchy Maltesers, it was a delight to my taste buds. The price was also right too, with it costing less than a pound for this tasty treat. My friend opted for a Honey Comb Crispy- a mixture of chocolaty Rice Krispies and honey comb topped with Maltesers, it was also perfectly made and swiftly demolished.

My lovely Malteser Slice.

My lovely Malteser Slice.

This place is perfect for those with a sweet tooth, or for those who want to treat their young children but watch out- the adults might end up having more fun.

kama Sutra – Not that one

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If anyone’s in Glasgow I recommend trying out Kama Sutra – its fulfilling, relaxing and will leave you satisfied all night long. It will make you yearn for more but wonder whether you could handle it. I am of course talking about the fantastic Indian restaurant on Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow’s city centre.


With provocative pictures and themes it’s not for the more innocent of you out there, but for those who think they can take it you will have a very pleasurable experience. The atmosphere is what you first encounter as you walk into the restaurant. The lowered lighting, sensual music and intriguing décor give an exclusive and romantic feel, perfect for couples or soon-to-be couples. The restaurant is not exclusively designed for couples though, the atmosphere suits friends or even those who want to spend some time with themselves- after all we all know sometimes its better by yourself.

The restaurant is so much more than a quick giggle as you walk along Sauchiehall Street. The food will penetrate all your senses and will leave your mouth dripping with excitement. If you wish to spice up your evening I recommend trying the lamb Balti. The lamb was tender and basically melted in the mouth, it was cooked to perfection. It tasted amazing too, unlike much takeaway lamb that takes about 20 minutes to chew through. If you’re not a fan of lamb all meat dishes come with a choice of meats. The Balti sauce was also perfectly made with a thick, spicy sauce that will leave an explosion of taste on the tongue. Because I am unadventurous eater when it comes to Indian food, I opted for a side of chips. I mean, it’s hard to get chips wrong so obviously they were great. But there is a whole other array of sides to choose from that all sounded equally as lovely and adventurous. As a started I decided to try the Poori. This is deep fried bread filled with spicily seasoned meat or vegetables dripped with a tasty sauce and then folded over. I chose chicken out of the choice of chicken, prawns or chickpeas to have mine stuffed with, I can say for certain that it was professionally stuffed. It was a rich and filling starter and thoroughly prepared me for what was coming next.

Chicken and Chickpea Purri.

Chicken and Chickpea Poori.

The whole meal filled me to my very core. After visiting Kama Sutra I recommend a gentle stroll home, as well as it being a romantic way to end the evening, it allows time for the food to settle ready for whatever other activities you wish you partake in for the rest of the evening.

Lamb Balti.

Lamb Balti.

Hanoi Bike Shop – Glasgow

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The West End of Glasgow has become famous for being – to put it nicely – a bit posh. Unsurprisingly this reputation originates from Glasgow University which is situated in this area. Due to the large population of students this area of Glasgow, in particular Byres Road, has developed an edgy and bohemian vibe.

Don’t get me wrong, the West End is a great place, a place that is soon to be my home so I’m not knocking its reputation. The best thing about this area of Glasgow is undoubtedly its restaurants and cafes. The West End, in my opinion, is unbeatably the best place to eat in Glasgow. One reason for this is the fantastic Hanoi Bike Shop.

Situated at 8 Ruthven Lane, Hanoi Bike Shop is hidden down an unsuspecting site street off Byres Road and boasts some of the best Vietnamese food you will ever taste.  Many of their delicious dishes are served as small plates meaning the diner has the opportunity to sample a wide variety of the tastes they have on offer. With a selection of meats, fish, vegetables, and their fantastic home-made tofu the food is designed to cater to all types of eater. Most small plates arrive on a bed of fresh salad, but not your run-of-the-mill lettuce, tomato and cucumber mix, all salads are freshly prepared with herbs and spices, all are different for each plate, and all complement the plate with perfect precision.

Interior Décor and dining area. Photo Courtesy Hanoi Bike Shop.

On the menu it is recommended that you order 3-4 small plates between 2 people with a couple of sides. We went for:


with gem lettuce, mixed herbs & nuoc chay


with crispy shallots, birdseye chilli, spring onions & ginger tamari dip


with pickled mushroom & crispy shallots


with pickled bamboo shoots & lime mayo

For our sides we chose:


Prawn Crackers with delicious peanut and chilli dip.

Prawn Crackers with delicious peanut and chilli dip.

My chopstick skills were a bit rusty (by that I mean basically non-existent to the point where I had to ask for cutlery) but they gave the whole experience an authentic Indochinese feel. The meal was – to date – one of the nicest, freshest, most delectably diverse meals I’ve ever had the pleasure of dining on. The peanut and chilli dip has one of the highlights of the meal, with the thick creamy and nutty taste and texture blending perfectly with the herbs and spiciness of the plates.

Hanoi Bike Shop boasts a quirky indoor and outdoor décor with the style being that of a bicycle repair shop with bike paraphernalia decorating the yellow walls, with dark wood features, tables and chairs creating a cosy and homely feel, all adding to the wonderful dining experience.


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